Performance tips and FAQ’s


  1. My Freeloader iSIS has been outside, in the sun but when I connected it to my device, it only charged for a short time and did not deliver much power?
  • Please ensure the first charge is given by the USB cable connected to a PC or laptop.
  • Please ensure Freeloader iSIS is given exposure to sunny conditions for between 5 to 10 hours.
  • Ensure the Freeloader iSIS is outside, facing south, in an un-shaded position and ideally tilted using the internal stand.
  • If Freeloader iSIS is connected to a device that has a near full battery, Freeloader iSIS would, potentially, not deliver power because the battery in the device has more than or equal power to the Freeloader iSIS.
  1. Its taking forever to charge my Freeloader iSIS why could this be?
  • If Freeloader iSIS is positioned behind a window, again facing south in full sun conditions the time needed to fully charge Freeloader Classic’s battery will be up to 3x its normal charging time. The reason for this increase in time is that most glass incorporates UV filters, which naturally reduce the amount of irradiation needed to enable solar panels to operate effectively.
  • In cloudy conditions, Freeloader iSIS may take approximately 1 1/2 times longer to charge than the above mentioned times, but this is depending on the time of year, density of cloud etc.
  1. Freeloader’s LCD panel shows it has some charge but it wont deliver it to my device.
  • In such circumstances Freeloader’s LCD panel will not be illuminated and it means the battery level in your device is similar to the battery level in Freeloader. You will need to either allow Freeloader longer to charge up more fully or allow your device to discharge further before connecting the two (see note 1).
  1. Will charging Freeloader iSIS from its solar cell behind glass cause me any problems?
  • No, although glass has UV filters embedded into it and this can slow solar charging by as much a 3 times. Also, we would recommend that Freeloader is not left exposed in a car for long periods as the heat can be intense. Should this occur, you may find the LCD screen goes blank for a while but it will recover once the Freeloader has had chance to cool down.
  1. How do I connect Freeloader iSIS to my device as I don’t seem to have a connector that fits?
  • To connect up a device where no connection tip is supplied please use the original sync cable (the cable you use for connecting to a PC) and insert the USB end into Freeloader iSIS USB Power Out socket. Then connect to your device in the normal way.
  1. I have a device that can be charged via my computers USB port can the Freeloader iSIS charge it?
  • Yes the Freeloader iSIS should be able to charge it.
  1. Are there any devices that Freeloader iSIS cannot power?
  • Freeloader iSIS has a voltage range of 3v to 5.5v, so any device that needs a higher voltage such as a lap top or video camera is outside the scope of Freeloader iSIS.
  • Digital camera’s where the ‘block style’ battery of the camera needs to be removed and inserted into a cradle to charge can only be powered by Freeloader iSIS if the optional CamCaddy2 accessory is purchased.
  1. How water resistant is iSIS?
  • The solar cell has been bonded into its housing meaning that water cannot penetrate through or around the cell. With the case on and the connecter sockets facing downward, it should be fully protected in all but the very worst storms. If iSIS does get completely waterlogged or gets accidentally submersed, put it in a dry room and leave it for a few days to thoroughly dry. It should come back to life without any lasting damage done. If it still does not work, its likely the battery has been damaged. Please contact hello@solartechnology.co.uk for advice.
  1. How can I get the best performance from my iSIS
  • A solar cell, even the high performing HD cell fitted to the iSIS, will always produce more power if tilted at between 30 and 45 degrees toward the sun. Of course, this will often not be possible particularly if you have the iSIS attached to a rucksack or bag – unless you are walking to the South Pole, in which case all directions lead South! Therefore attaching at 30 to 45 degrees when travelling in a South East to South West direction is ideal and can be easily achievable using the iSIS case and strap (the shoulder strap of a rucksack is ideal for the positioning of iSIS). For all other directions of travel, position the iSIS horizontally. If your journey takes you in many different directions you might find it more straight forward to just fix the iSIS so it remains horizontal throughout your trip.
  1. What difference does the angle of iSIS make?
  • Quite a significant difference! If iSIS is tilted at 30 degrees rather than vertical it will deliver up to 44% more power. If iSIS is horizontal rather than vertical, it will deliver 29% more power.
  1. What benefit is there by linking the Supercharger 5W to the iSIS
  • Supercharger, as well as an instant power source for your gadgets is an incredibly fast booster charger for iSIS. If you are on a long expedition or even base camp where numerous devices need charging a few times each day, you will need the iSIS to be fully charged at all times. Attaching Supercharger 5W will reduce the charge up time from 18 hours to just 6. Also, Supercharger 5W is totally waterproof, so you can fix it to a pack, sled or kayak and link it the iSIS somewhere that is dry and have no worries about water ingress.
  1. How do I attach iSIS to CamCaddy2
  • Use the micro USB integrated arm on iSIS and plug into the mating socket on the side of CamCaddy2
  1. The Freeloader iSIS does not work with my iPhone 5/s
  • iSIS has smart electronics that are adapted to iPhone 5 and 5s and as such will work. However, you should check the connection port on your iPhone (where the iSIS lightning connecter plugs in). This very often gets filled with fluff (from your pocket, hand bag etc) and as such the iSIS lightning adaptor cannot make a positive contact. Clean out the fluff and try again. 
  1.  My iSIS has got really hot and now the LCD screen has gone blank
  •  Don’t worry, this is normal when an LCD is exposed to high heat levels for long periods (for example if the iSIS has been left behind a car window). Allow it to cool down and the LCD will return to normal – no damage done.
  1. When I plug in my Apple device a warning comes on the screen
  • This will be caused by fluff in the Lightning socket on your Apple device. Because of the fluff, the contact on iSIS cannot be properly made thus you get the warning message. Use a cocktail stick, or any none metallic rod to hook out the fluff, give the socket a good blow and connect the iSIS – all will be well.

  1. How do I connect my device to Supercharger 5W?
  • You need to use the original cable supplied with your device and then plug direct into Supercharger’s USB socket
  1. Will charge my device at the same speed as a main connection?
  • It’s the same, although, Supercharger 5W does need sunshine for power hungry devices like tablets.
  1. Are there any circumstances when Supercharger 5W wont power my device
  • Yes, during cloudy weather or when its dark.
  1. How can I get power at night
  • Supercharger 5W cannot help, but Freeloader iSIS can as it has an in built battery
  1. How do I attach Supercharger and iSIS together to enable superfast charging?
  • A special blue cable is supplied with Supercharger 5W for this application.
  1. How robust is Supercharger 
  • Pretty bombproof and totally water proof



  1. How do I know CamCaddy2 is suitable for my camera battery
  • There are very few batteries it cannot power – these areas follows:
  • Battery packs which communicate with the camera – eg Canon BP-090, BP-819, BP-827
  • Battery packs that require a higher voltage than 9v – eg CR-V3, CR123A, Nikon – EL4
  • Battery packs with special contacts – eg Kyocera BP-800/1000, Leica M8
  • This still leaves in excel of 5500 compatible cameras
  1. How do I power Camcaddy2
  • It is supplied with a USB cable so can be powered from any lap top or PC. It can also be powered by iSIS and Supercharger 5W
  1. When I insert my battery to CamCaddy2 and connect to a power source, nothing happens or the “stby” symbol is displayed.
  • Check the battery is not compatible above
  • Check the metal sliders are touching the + and – points on the battery terminals
  • If point 2 has been checked, move the battery side to side against the metal sliders – this has the effect of removing any surface dust or other film on the battery and sliders that may be preventing power to flow.


  1. Is CamCaddy2 weather resistant?
  • Not at all – its small and robust but does need to be kept away from water.






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